Instructional Support

Instructional Support

Educational Technology

Our mission is to empower faculty and students to use technology and digital media to enhance teaching and learning and aid in the advancement of research.

Services and tools we provide:


The Instructional Technologists in Educational Technology are available to consult with you on how can leverage the tools and services available into your classes and research projects. Some topics we are able to discuss are:

·       Integrating technology into course curriculum to foster collaboration and reflective learning activities

·       Developing digital content, including video/audio lectures, interactive quizzes and online lessons

·       Using classroom technology, such as clickers, desktop/screen sharing, dual-projection and document cameras

·       Formulating and planning student audio, video and other digital media assignments and projects

·       Creating virtual learning environments and extending the classroom to online workspaces

·       Trends and innovations in instructional technology and academic computing

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Training and day-to-day support

Specialty Software Training – Educational Technology provides training and day-to-day support for online academic tools, classroom technology, digital content creation software, presentation tools, and data and mapping programs included below.

Student Workshops – We can also provide workshops for students on topics such as video and audio production, presentation skills, data visualization, GIS and mapping software and web publishing/blogging. If you are interested in assigning a digital media assignment, a workshop that provides students with an overview of the tools they have access to can be very valuable.

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Learning Spaces

Production and Event Services

Media Technology Services provides services including audio production, video format transfer, and audio and video capturing. You may also request equipment or a videographer for your class or event.