Wired and Wireless Networking

Wired and Wireless Networking

Ethernet wired connections are the fastest, most reliable and secure connections on our campus network. If you are in your office or dorm room, we strongly encourage you to use a wired Ethernet connection instead of wireless. Wireless should only be used in locations where an Ethernet jack is not conveniently available.

Before you connect your personal computer or other device to Trinity’s network, please be certain it is up-to-date with the latest virus protection updates and operating system patches.

Students are encouraged to schedule high bandwidth downloads during the hours between 8:00PM and 6:00AM. During this time the size of a student’s bandwidth allotment will be twice what it is during classroom and business hours.

Due to the potential for interference with the campus network, as well as the possible security exposures that can result from personally installed wireless access points, we do not allow the use of personal access points on campus. This includes wireless routers, wireless bridges and similar products.

Instructions to connect your computer or other device to the network are available. Once connected, you can register your computer on the network by launching a web browser.


Visitors to the college who wish to connect to the wireless network will need a guest account. Faculty and staff can create guest accounts through