A Welcome Note From the Director

Welcome to the Website. The Institute of Marine Sciences was established in 1978 with the mandate to conduct research and offer postgraduate and undergraduate training and consultancy services in all aspects of marine sciences. Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in the advancement of knowledge in marine science.

Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in marine sciences training and research


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I give my heartfelt thanks to all of the IMS team from the Director to academicians, supporting staffs and my fellow PhD and Masters students. I joined IMS in 2011 as the masters student, but then went over to be awarded a PhD scholarship which was a dream of my life by IMS through the SIDA programme in 2015. I have learnt so many things while at IMS. I have not only gained professional/academic knowledge but also social issues and have made so many friends both internationally and nationally. I have received several research awards while doing my PhD which shows how much IMS was able to transform me into a successful competitive person. I am glad that i have managed to achieve this PhD accolade which all of you have contributed to in different ways. To my instructors i still want to work closely with IMS in consultancies, project write-ups and any other work that may arise. I believe i still have a lot to learn from IMS scientists and i'm yet to show up all my capabilities.
Dr. Levinus Mapenzi