Students can print from most locations on campus to printers on Level B of the Raether Library and Information Technology Center.  Every department on campus has a dedicated printer/copier for all printing and copying needs. Faculty and staff should contact the Help Desk for assistance in setting up printing or for printing problems.

Poster printing and volume printing is available from the Central Services department. Please select the Volume Printing tab below for more information and poster printing guidelines.

Central Services can help departments with production of high-volume or other print jobs that require special handling such as folding or booklet making.


Public printing

Trinity has a number of printing resources. The main printing facility for students is in the Raether Library and Information Technology Center. All publicly available computers in the LITC are set to print by default to the printer on the floor they are located, which includes printers on Level 1, Level A, and Level B. Anyone can print from their dorm room, office, or other campus space to the printers on Level B, however. Everyone is encouraged to use both sides of the page when printing (duplex printing).

Each semester students and faculty receive $20.00 dollars of “Free Printing Dollars” to be used at any of the public printers. After the Printing Dollars are depleted, print jobs are taken out of your “Bantam Bucks” account. Printing to the public printers costs $0.10 per sheet printed. So 2 pages printed Simplex (one-sided) would be $0.20 or  would cost $0.10 printed Duplex (double-sided). Color printing is $0.75 per sheet. Bantam bucks can be added at recharge stations located around campus, including LITC Level A and Mather Center, or via the web at


Volume printing

Central Services provides a variety of reprographic and mailing services to the Trinity community: Digital Printing and Photocopying, Offset Printing, Poster Printing Mailing/Addressing and Office Supplies.  Central Services can help you with high-volume requests, especially those that require special paper stock, or handling such as folding or perforation.

We can produce post cards, tickets, flyers, booklets, brochures, posters and classroom materials.  We also provide binding and finishing services to complete your printing needs.

Digital Printing and Photocopying – Black & White/Full Color Printing

The Central Services Office contains three high-speed photocopiers, all of which can produce high-quality output.  Two of the units are black and white, and the other can produce photographic-quality color output.  Our standard printing sizes are 8 ½” x 11”, 8 ½”x 14”, 11” x 17” and 12” x 18”, and we can cut paper to size if you need something else.  We can also work with a variety of paper weights, from office paper to heavy card stock.

Files can be submitted to us in a variety of formats, but we suggest that you use Microsoft Word or PDF.

Large Format Printing Posters

Central Services can produce large-scale output on our large format printer.  This is particularly useful for class presentations or advertising events or making announcements.  This device produces photographic-quality color renderings, clearly presenting images, graphics and text.  Sizes start at 2×3 feet, and grow from there to banner-size.

We suggest that posters be submitted in either Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF format. Additional information is available in our poster printing guidelines. PowerPoint templates 2×3 feet in size are available online in landscape and portrait format for your use.  Poster printing requests can be made online through the campus portal.