Dr. F.E. Msuya

Laboratory Scientist
B.Sc. (Dar) M.Sc. (Kuopio) PhD. (Tel Aviv)


Professional Activities: Research, lecturing, and supervision missions in Seaweed farming, Seaweed innovation,
Integrated mariculture, and climate change
Other functions:
International Trainer in Innovation and Cluster Facilitation
Facilitator: Zanzibar Seaweed Cluster Initiative

Community outreach research work

As the Facilitator of the Zanzibar Seaweed Cluster Initiative of the Pan African Competitiveness Forum (PACF)
programme in Tanzania, I work with seaweed farmers in more than six villages in Zanzibar to: 1. Add value to the
farmed seaweed thorough production of seaweed soap and other products; 2. Modify the farming method to combat
the problem of seaweed die-offs in the farming areas. My work has especially helped marginalized women in
Tanzania increase their income through production of seaweed value-added products e.g. selling seaweed powder
for US$ 6.4/kg compared with the US$ 0.25/kg obtained from selling dry unprocessed seaweed. Through my work I
have also enabled seaweed farmers to farm the higher valued seaweed (through innovative farming) which sells at
US$ 0.5 (compared with US$ 0.25 for the lower valued seaweed).

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