Tanzania Sensitivity Atlas (TanSEA)

This is the first version of the GIS Based Sensitivity Mapping of the Tanzania Coastal zone - SAMAKI Consultants/IMS/ OBSCOM and is hosted by the University of Dar es Salaam, Institute of Marine Sciences which is the Tanzania National Oceanographic Data Centre (TzNODC))


The long term goals of the Tanzania Sensitivity Atlas (TanSEA) project are to establish a comprehensive and accurate coastal GIS data system for Tanzania, for oil spill contingency planning and research. It may also be used for education, as promotional material and for use by other institutions in Tanzania that require detailed geo-referenced data on the coastal zone. Exploration drilling for oil and gas along the Tanzania coast is occurring in waters between 300-3,000 m deep, 10-100 km offshore. Tanzania authorities require oil and gas exploration companies to have an oil spill contingency plan whilst conducting drilling offshore. Geographic Information System (“GIS”) maps showing sensitivity of the coastline are a vital component in the development of oil spill contingency planning and management.

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